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Small business owners...remember back to the day that you decided to start your business? You wanted to fuel your passion, your wealth, and create more freedom in your life to support the lifestyle that you always dreamed about.


But you have been pulled in so many directions. Constant distractions are keeping you from focusing on where you want to go.  Early success has been a blessing and a curse, because now you just can’t seem to breakthrough to that next level.


We have the answer...​and it starts with FOCUS.

A successful warrior is the average person with laser-like focus. 

– Bruce Lee

Why your business could fail

20% of small businesses fail in their first year, 30% of small business fail in their second year, and 50% of small businesses fail after five years in business according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 



Lack of Leadership

Control your business, don't let it control you. Working "in" the business can become a business killer. 

Lack of Real Vision

A business without a real purpose is destined to fail...and will struggle to keep you and your employees inspired.  

Wrong Customers

Not reaching the right customers can have a tremendous negative impact on your cash flow and bottom line. 

No Clear Direction

Without a clear direction and strategy, your business will just churn and burn...and burn out.  Work smarter.

Failure to
Run by the Numbers

Many business run out of cash and turn to debt for a bail out. Not knowing the numbers can sink you fast. 

Poor & Ineffective Marketing

Businesses spend money without realizing what is working. Create a system that gets customers on-demand.

Failure to

Without clear processes, employees and customers can get your competition a chance. 

Building a "Tribe" 

Your employees are your biggest asset. Not attracting and retaining the best can cause your business pain. 

Building better focus in your business. 

We developed a 12-week program covering the 10 key areas where most businesses fail. Our program will transform your business into a well-oiled machine to scale faster and easier. The secret to succeeding is to develop laser-like focus in each of these areas.

  • Leader Mindset

    Improve your mindset - habits, beliefs, and perceptions.

  • Strategy Roadmap

    Chart out a strategic roadmap for the next 3-10 years.

  • Marketing

    Attract more high-value customers and keep the sales funnel filled.

  • Vision & Values

    Defining meaningful values and an inspirational vision

  • Foundations

    Build the basics of your operations machine.

  • Sales

    Fill the gaps for your sales process.

  • Employees

    Attract and retain the best talent for your team.

  • Find Your Fit

    Find and focus on your million dollar customer.

  • Finances

    Run your business by the numbers.

  • Customers

    Create a repeatable and memorable customer experience.

A System for Our System

Our 12-week program is supported with our 106-page small business success handbook that helps you outline your strategy, systems and processes that you need to THINK BIGGER, STAY FOCUSED, and GROW FASTER.

They helped us focus on clear and defined goals and gave us the tools, systems and processes to keep ourselves on track as we expand our operations. 

Kevin Hough, Co-Owner
Mingo Creek Craft Distillers

Focus First righted our operations, improved my time management and systematized the business...and we have exceeded our goals . 

Bryan Gaus, Owner
10-42 Tactical

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